Here’s to the Mothers!

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We show up every day to a job which never ends.
New life is celebrated and young mothers are supported and celebrated.
As time passes and the mother-child relationship ages,
the night-time feedings turn into night time counseling sessions
Make no mistake,…. one can be as life giving as the other.
The world can see us at soccer practice and in the church pews each week, but our private care and love delivered in the wee hours of the morning are seen by God and His angels.

Here’s to the young women who long for children:
The ones who observe the planned and unplanned pregnancies of friends, family, strangers, teenagers, addicts and prostitutes. They try to not become bitter as they miss the children they can not conceive but time does not heal this longing for a child…..
Time intensifies it.

Here’s to the Mothers who recently experienced their first Mother’s day:
Her heart nearly bursts with blessings even as she yawns from her sleepless night feedings.
The power of love catches her by surprise.


Here’s to the Mothers of prodigals:


Ruth Graham Bell said that our job was to pray and it was the Holy Spirit’s job to convict.
We are so used to helping our kids “fix” their problems,
but here is a place where our passion is powerless.
Except in prayer.
No one,…NO ONE can pray for our kids like us moms.


Here’s to the Mothers of children who are “special” indeed:
I can not comprehend parenting a child who you know will never reach adulthood.
I am profoundly moved when I watch you who deal daily with the pain of
watching your child struggle with small tasks.
Whether your beloved child’s handicap is physical, mental, emotonal or all combined, you have one of the hardest roles of all.


Here’s to the Mothers who have children and grandchildren all around:
Wonder of wonders! How much love can one heart hold?
An emotion this strong can only be supernatural.


Here’s to the young women who have been blessed to have a good Mother.
Living under the same roof daily with someone who loves you more than they love themselves is what makes the world go ’round.
It equips us to face and conquer life.


Here’s to the women who never had the blessing of a good Mother:
How deep the hurt must be as they observe other mom-daughters.
They read the sayings in the Mothers day cards and can’t relate.
I am so sorry.


Here’s to the Mothers who have placed their child for adoption:
The merging and melding of so many different lives takes my breath away.
These brave women create families out of their pain and fear.
Heroes,..that’s what they are.
But most of them seldom think that above statement is true.


Here’s to the woman-child who have to visit their mom’s grave.
In all my studies of grief, the loss of a mom is one of the deepest of all. To be separated from the one who loves you more than any other living person is staggering to the core of being.
It leaves people at such a loss that they can feel adrift in life.


Here’s to the Mothers who visit their children’s graves:
Torn asunder.
Violation of the soul.
The ponders made at Jae Lynn’s grave can not be published.
Not because they are private, but because they are too many.
Take it from me,…… the love of a mother defies death.
We simply love our children who now live in another dimension.


A mother’s love for her child is like nothing else in the world.
It knows no law, no pity, it dares all things and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in its path.
Agatha Christie

Brent Hill; born in Oklahoma, raised in Missouri and moved here from Louisville, Ky. My parents were in the ministry so I'm a proud preachers kid "PK" and have worked and been around the funeral business all my life. Family: God has blessed me with my beautiful wife Connie, five daughters, one son, six grandkids, two dogs and one grand dog. I am licensed Arkansas Funeral Director, certified Crematory operator, and Arkansas Life and Health insurance agent. Smith Family Funeral Homes one of our values and purpose is to "share the love of Christ through our actions with those we serve. In 2000 I started worked for the Smith family and have been so blessed to have made so many relationships with families and pastors we have served down through the years. Working funerals I also take care of all the websites, facebook , instagram, and twitter accounts for the funeral home.


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