“From A Mother’s Heart”

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Be it hereby resolved:

That I serve a God who never changes, never has and never will. His nature is not dependent on my understanding. My view of Him will not be determined by my circumstances.

But God died a horrible death to save me from eternal damnation. He chose to save me because I was incompetent, helpless, and hopeless. For some inexplicable reason I appealed to Him in this state and His love for me is a gift.

That I will never forget my capacity to sin and I will always be amazed at His capacity for Grace.

That I am a powerful person because the King of Kings delights to make me strong. Living by Faith, I choose to live in the power of each moment rather than regret my past or fear my future. My life may be exciting or satisfying, but not necessarily comfortable or safe.

That my life will demonstrate Love and Grace more than any other virtues. I may consider, but will not be satisfied by rules, religion, denominations, or conservatism.

That my home is where He is. By His design, I live here and He dwells in me. However, soon, my residence will be in a different dimension. I accept these truths even though they are a mystery to me.

That my life will continue after I die on this earth. Death holds no power over me or the ones I love. I will never stop longing for the place which I have never seen.

Manifesto by Becky Russell (2005)

In Loving Memory of my daughter, Jae Lynn

10/03/87 ~ 03/18/04


Brent Hill; born in Oklahoma, raised in Missouri and moved here from Louisville, Ky. My parents were in the ministry so I'm a proud preachers kid "PK" and have worked and been around the funeral business all my life. Family: God has blessed me with my beautiful wife Connie, five daughters, one son, six grandkids, two dogs and one grand dog. I am licensed Arkansas Funeral Director, certified Crematory operator, and Arkansas Life and Health insurance agent. Smith Family Funeral Homes one of our values and purpose is to "share the love of Christ through our actions with those we serve. In 2000 I started worked for the Smith family and have been so blessed to have made so many relationships with families and pastors we have served down through the years. Working funerals I also take care of all the websites, facebook , instagram, and twitter accounts for the funeral home.


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